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"... a respected American Composer."     
Charles Osgood, CBS Radio The Osgood Files,  February 18, 2003




"The most powerful work of the evening was Greg Sanders' "Wind of Fire" for solo clarinet, one of the few contemporary studies for single wind instrument that is more than a simple glossary of sound."

New York Times, Tim Page, October 21, 1984

"His work has sense and sensibility it is beguiling without being abrasive......... "Kristallnacht is a strange, eerie lament that uses the tuba with respect and intelligence."

Peoria Journal Star, April 16, 1989 

".....this is masterful writing." [Elegy: Jesus Wept]

Best Music for Young Bands (2nd ed.), Thomas Dvorak, 2006

"A sense of adventure describes much of his mission as a composer. Quite like a musical Dr. Who, he takes the listener on a voyage through the unfamiliar or completely unknown."

API Feature Article,  April 22, 1990

"A work of astonishing power and drama...there were cheers, shouts of "bravo", and a standing ovation...Sanders has created a lasting monument to the city." [Prairie Dreams: The River's Echo]

Peoria Journal Star, September 29, 1992

"..... he weaves it into something beautiful"

Harris News Service,  September 9, 2002

"The warm and earthy music of Greg Sanders gave a sense of flow to the overall production."

[incidental music for the "The Grapes of Wrath"]

The Caller Times (Corpus Christi, Texas), October 17, 1994 

"...Having conducted this work at several reading sessions, I can confirm that it has been very well received. The piece is at once very accessible, powerful and dramatic. [Review for "Prairie Wind "]

School Music News, May, 1995

" of the country's foremost composers"

Salina Journal (KS), April 12, 2002

"My kids surprised me just Tuesday. We read Greg Sanders' "Coventry Variant" which has more mixed meter changes ....  than Stravinsky's Wind Symphony and they not only read it, they have been driving their academic teachers nuts using academic class time to teach each other how to count the meters. They love it I don't think they will ever want to play anything in again." 

Band Chat  October, 2000

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