Alarm: The Call to Duty (In Memory of the Heroes of 9/11) [2004]
Dreams and Faith (The Solomon Valley Anthology) [2003]
(commissioned by the  Continental Harmony Project of American Composers Alliance for the state of Kansas) [2003]

    Enchanted Sky
    Freedom: Long Time On Its' Way
    Distant Hymns

    Plows on the Prairie

MeTro! (commissioned by the Boston Metropolitan Wind Symphony) [2001]


Running Horses  (commissioned by Texas A&M-Kingsville for the 75th Anniversary of the University) [2000]


Elegy: for Jesus Wept (in memory of Texas Band Director, J.W. King) [1999] 

Into the Sun (commissioned by Southern Utah University, for the 100th anniversary of the state of Utah) [1997]

Coventry Variant (commissioned by Hofstra University) [1995]

Prairie Wind [1993]


Only the Sea Cries [1980]
Coventry Variant - Hofstra University Wind Ensemble, Peter Booneshaft, conductor
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Alarm - TAMUK Symphonic Winds
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MeTro! - Boston Metropolitan Wind Symphony, David Martins, conductor
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Elegy: Jesus Wept - (in memory of Texas Band Director J.W. King)
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Running Horses - Texas A&M University-Kingsville Symphonic Band
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Prairie Wind - Texas A&M University-Kingsville, Symphonic Band, Paul Hageman, conductor
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Distant Hymns - (Solomon Valley Anthology)
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